Over the past couple years, k-pop has been slowly creeping into my everyday listening routine. Before then, it was mostly j-pop and j-rock that had captured my attention, and most due to the anime shows that I had been following. Like many that were around in the 90s, boy bands were a big thing for me. In fact, Backstreet Boys’ Millenium was the first album I ever bought, and to this date, few things lighten up my day more than a BSB or NSYNC song.

I really do not recall what were some of the songs that I began to listen to back then, but groups like Super Junior and SHINee were among the first to have made an impact. Since then, my journey into k-pop has expanded greatly. Likely due to my deep appreciation for 90s boy bands, the groups that I gravitate toward are those that to some extent stick to that sound. While I’m still able to appreciate other groups, it may take a while for me to warm up to them.

Below, you will find a list of my favorite songs from this year in ascending order. Happy listening!!!

HANN (Alone) - (G)I-DLE

Album: HANN (Alone)

I Want You - SHINee

Album: The Story of Light


Album: NCT 2018 Empathy

Shangri-La - VIXX

Album: Eae du VIXX

Oh My! - Seventeen

Album: You Make My Day



Baby Don’t Stop - NCT U

Album: NCT 2018 Empathy

Shine - Pentagon

Album: Positive

Give Me A Chance - Lay

Album: Namanana

Sunset - Kim Dong Han

Album: D-Day

Honorable Mentions

K-pop, like all music genres, has a constant stream of new music, and as you can expect, I’m not always able to keep up. What you’ll find below is a list of songs that I also enjoyed, but didn’t quite hit the mark, or I’m still processing.