Favorite Releases from 2018

Last year, my favorite releases included a broader range of genres, but this year, tech death has overtaken the rest. Due in part to moving and in part to a busier schedule, I had less time to explore sites like Bandcamp and Heavy Blog for more releases of interest. This... [Read More]

Favorite Kpop Songs from 2018

Over the past couple years, k-pop has been slowly creeping into my everyday listening routine. Before then, it was mostly j-pop and j-rock that had captured my attention, and most due to the anime shows that I had been following. Like many that were around in the 90s, boy bands... [Read More]

First post, welcome!!!

This is my first post, how exciting! I won’t be using this platform too much for blogging. Instead, this site will serve as the main place where I store and link to my work. [Read More]